Shagun Mehrotra


Three principles underlie my approach to planning scholarship. 

First, I focus on a nested unit of analysis, the city (micro-planning) and the region (meso-planning), nested within the nation state (macro-planning).  I place emphasis on state-market relationships as they occur through privatization or nationalization of public infrastructure—electricity, water, and transport.

Second, I focus on marginal populations and their associated capability expansion as opposed to segmented focus on selective sub-groups.  All marginalized sub-groups are constrained in their functioning to varying degrees, and thus require equivalent attention both in theory and practice. 

Third, I focus on the state’s role as an active agent in development.  Indeed, one of the fundamental roles of the state is to support economic development, reduce poverty, and promote social empowerment.  This contrasts with theoretical perspectives that ascribe deep rooted skepticism to the role of the state.

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