Shagun Mehrotra

New Courses

In addition to regular planning courses, two new course that I would like to teach are: (1) Infrastructure Economics and International Development: My preferred approach would include the role of the state in economic development, privatization of infrastructure (its rationale, methods, outcomes), and alternative theories for infrastructure reform with a focus on strict and weak equity and efficiency trade-offs.  The course would draw on a combination of domestic and international infrastructure sectors—transport, energy, water—as well as integrate new challenges posed by climate change, rapid urbanization, and economic growth.  (2) Climate Change and Cities:  This course would explore issues of ‘physical design, urban finance, and project planning’ through a lens of urban sustainability, including frameworks for city climate risk assessment, the role of climate science, and unpacking risks, adaptation and mitigation mechanisms, and policy recommendations for urban transport, water, and energy sectors with case studies from major cities around the world.

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